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Space Soldiers vs Seed
That was beautifully played by SS in that 2v3
BIG vs Cloud9
You do realise C9 have been using it too? Sure not as much as BIG but they are still using it. Anyway it's tournament legal. I personally love BIG for saying fuck you haha
Semmler stfu ffs
Pansy is pretty good now, I quite enjoy her compared to before. Semmler... Haven't liked him in years
Best movie?
Best movie?
Get out.
Immortals vs Heroic
If IMT don't ban Nuke like the last two to face Heroic...
Astralis vs fnatic
Four of a kind always beats a full house
Astralis vs Virtus.pro
Yet probably their best player atm and the only one who seems to be doing any good. Snax has fallen more than FalleN himself
draken & respect
Lmao why? What show is this?
draken & respect
Yet she's the only one who looks remotely normal in that video. Wtf are the two boys doing?
"analyst" thorin has 300 hours in csgo...
The saying is: can't play ==> coach/analyst Not: can play =/=> coach/analyst or coach/analyst ==> can't play
"analyst" thorin has 300 hours in csgo...
A lot of film critics are a load of crap though.
TyLoo vs fnatic Academy
Or the population of India for that matter mate ;)
TyLoo vs fnatic Academy
I like this team, but not sure about DD. Also fancy1 is amazing against other Asian teams but plays dogshit against international competition. But I would still keep him. Could be a Top 15-20 team if ...
flusha is the greatest CS:GO player of all-time
shox is probably the most overrated of the lot. Don't get me wrong, I think he's amazing, but definitely overrated.