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Astralis vs NiP
And I really hope the UK can produce anything other than dephh and smooya lmao
Astralis vs NiP
Forgot about nawwk, good shout. I wouldn't say flusha is a given these days. REZ IMO has the best aim in Sweden, really rate him. KRiMZ is a given too. f0rest is still good enough to be top 5 in the c...
Astralis vs NiP
Even worse, you can only ban one and then they get a pick of one. Choose your poison: nuke or inferno
Astralis vs NiP
Sweden severely lacks a decent AWPer atm. draken is just way too inconsistent. And you're lacking decent IGLs. Need to see a bit more from Golden before we can say that about him. For me, the current ...
who can beat astralis
Not sure I'd call NiKo mature
TOP 5 ugliest and most beautiful pro-names
I ain't doing a top 5 for each, but WorldEdit is a sick name.
fuck astrailis
To be fair, I've noticed recently there's been more and more toxic Danes. But not before. The least toxic nationality I've ever played with are the Dutch. Always enjoy playing with Dutch people. Or Cr...
Sweden has no good awpers
f0rest is a better AWPer than most dedicated AWPers in Sweden, lol.
fuck astrailis
+1 Swedes most toxic in MM. Then my fellow compatriots.
"astralis boring"
I wouldn't say that for Liquid. Sure, this tournament they lost to ENCE, but generally speaking they're very consistent. It's just that Astralis is a cut above them as well.
Renegades vs Vitality
Would never have thought they'd get this good. Really really impressed. Hope they get to at least the semis!
Germany leave EU
Credit card, traffic light and food ones are so so accurate, after I lived there for 8/9 months. Holy fuck, the stereotype about loving their rules is so true...
Natus Vincere vs NRG
Erm s1mple was probably the worst player on Na'Vi, though you could argue for Edward.
how many girls u banged ?
12-14. None of them in a serious relationship, which sucks. The latest one was a fling whilst I was working abroad. Lasted about 5-6 weeks before I returned to London (she's from Paris). But the sex w...
AGO vs NiP
Sometimes he says really smart things, like some things he notices during the game which most people might miss. Other times he straight up doesn't think before he speaks and says shit like that. Ther...