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> Hobbit = Hobbit You know... I'm not so sure about this one.
ropz mvp
Yeah this is why I'm calling Brollan as the top EVP. And because his grand final performance was excellent, which adds a fair bit of weight. Electronic should definitely be #2 though, he was great.
ropz mvp
After Brollan, yes
Anyone really think USA a good country?
You must be fake-flagging. A Swede saying USA is the best country in the world? Sweden knocks it out of the park. It's only great to be a part of the US if you're rich. If you're on a low-average wage...
why Astralis??
I thought they were good about paying? The main issue with WESG is that it's not respected by any of the big teams as a Tier-1 tournament and rightfully so
Evil Geniuses vs eUnited
You jinxed it.
the 100
Tbf The 100 is a CW show, not made by Netflix. But it is pure garbage and should be avoided like the plague. Black Mirror's latest series was disappointing too, but the rest of the show is of exceptio...
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
To be fair, when they're 19 a lot of people want to be clubbing/partying a lot, so that makes sense. Seems like OP has trust issues and isn't right for her and vice versa.
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
This is the comment OP; read it. You have underlying trust issues with her and you're acting too controlling which she is rejecting. She may have rejected this far enough to cheat on you. You both nee...
Astralis vs NIP
And I really hope the UK can produce anything other than dephh and smooya lmao
Astralis vs NIP
Forgot about nawwk, good shout. I wouldn't say flusha is a given these days. REZ IMO has the best aim in Sweden, really rate him. KRiMZ is a given too. f0rest is still good enough to be top 5 in the c...
Astralis vs NIP
Even worse, you can only ban one and then they get a pick of one. Choose your poison: nuke or inferno