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grills playing cs
Did you even watch the match? No doubt in my mind that I'd crush them in an aim map or a pug where I can choose my teammates. Not even good teammates, just casuals that only pug 3 times a day now. ...
If Dust2 got updated
bring back the wooden doors, and get rid of the car fire other than that, its the perfect awp map.
grills playing cs
yeah and she was trash. Its crazy how slow these players are compared to pros
grills playing cs
masq top1 female cs player confirmed LMAO at clg red's reaction time and spray control. wat in the actual fuk am i looking at?
grills playing cs
gj puppers, great win. I was genuinely rooting for them to beat those stupid feminist cunts. wipe that fucking smirk off your face harvey. Hope their team bus drives off a cliff
Tarik "Optic will be a top 5 team"
top 5 na
Trash teams.
clg? ez4subroza
HAPPY needs to go
happy too busy protecting his kdr to contest for map control. Who gives a fuck if he's positive?
so... if echo fox didn't get trashed 32-9 in a lunch break then we wouldn't even have seen the 3rd map at all
how the fuck do u just "forget" bro do u not instantly hear the loud ass speakers behind u casting the game?
Cloud9 vs Immortals
The only way c9 wins this is if they take both pistols and both gun rounds. or clutch 5 1v1s and never have to save
still lost
who cares, he needs to hit the DMs. I dont understand how his muscle memory keeps getting worse
1st LAN(UBC) Stream Links
why would kkona drive down to vancouver? Fuckin lol, the prize money won't even cover the cost of gas. Also isn't the sfu team just main players?
create best woman
sierra egan, dgaf about anything else