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HLTV Forum looks like cancer
Real talk though, I don't even post on this site anymore but... Why is the forums still a thing on this site? It's literally 100% filled with nothing but garbage posts.
144 hz placebo
Don't worry. Once you've experienced it you'll know what we're trying to explain. Before I got mine I thought 60hz was smooth but boy was I wrong.
Finally, the day has come!
Faceit in NA is pretty horrible from my few experiences. I hear Faceit is good though in Europe which makes sense, ESEA is main PUG here.
Finally, the day has come!
Funny enough, when I was stuck at Gold Nova-3 I was 100% sure that 64 tick was holding me back, granted that was before the hitbox change (64 tick is slightly less unbearable now). I spent about 2-3 m...
Finally, the day has come!
The worst is knowing it's coming but still not being able to hold back. With that being said however, I'm a sucker when it comes to romances. lol
Congrats! I'm still waiting for mine. On a bit of a win streak so it should come soon. :D
graphic card
GTX 970, I'm hoping to get one myself on cyber monday. You may be paying a bit for it but you get more out of each dollar spent on it than you would other cards.
18.5" to 22" monitor?Is it worth it?
Just recieved my 24" 144hz monitor yesterday. It was on sale for $250 CAD! Such a great investment not only for CS but for everyday use.
csgo bandwidth usage?
0.6GB per hour?!? Lol. I had a heart attack reading that cause sometimes I have skype calls for 4-6 hours.
csgo bandwidth usage?
128 tick servers use more than 64 tick ones if you didn't know. Don't know if it could lead to 40GB worth though.
My friend taken by the police for owning weed
Might as well plan your escape to another country. Feds gonna get up in yo ass tomorrow morning.
Your favorite edm dj/producer?
San Holo
Hiko is not even that good.
R.I.P Hiko
Hiko's just an aight player. - BOT Adrian 2015
Freak Na Hunden really?
stopped reading