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Best ww2 army
S1mple = Zlatan of CS
Imo s1mple is 10 times better than zlatan in football. S1.ple is the most skilled player the world has seen in cs
Faceit player
I had almost 3 lf when lvl 5 duee. Thats terrible by u
How to gain weight?
Its called gluten. Quit white bread and everything that has gluten. Mb then u will gain weight. (This alergy is imvisible
How to gain weight?
Mb u are alergic to white bread or the some stuff. A friend of mine had that and he couldnt gain weight. After he quit eating bread, nuts and that stuff,he gained a lot of weight
BEst game ever created, no developer has done better work in terms of idea, maps, weapons and updates 12 btw
Electronic Overrated
Imo electronic is top 2 but ofc this danish site will put b8vice as top 2
PRO on hltv?
Nt gla1ve.
hahahaha omfg lol
Will I ever get a gf
100% they love real men mb u act as friend to much and become friendzoned
Will I ever get a gf
bcs u look stupid in their eyes. Be more serious, be a fking man not a kid
smix transformation
Do u have a car
Its pretty decent car and looking good also. In 4 years all I have changed in it is multitronic oil (have to change after every 60km), wheel bearing and some break pads, while everything rest in the c...
Do u have a car
Audi A5 2011 Planing to change to 2015-17
Ofc he was a drug user. Just look at his face