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wtf did I just watch
sens cs go
Read your #30. You are saying 1.2k is common. I am saying by looking at PRO config that is not common at all. I am not against it, just so hard to control the aim, specially at high distance. Props to...
sens cs go
I understand your logic. But nobody calls DPI a DPI thing in CSGO to avoid confusion. "Real sens" or "eDPI" in CSGO is more common, same thing as CPI and DPI, same thing, different way to call it. P....
sens cs go
Stop calling it DPI! It's not DPI it's the total sens of DPI x sens. Magisk has 820 which is not high.
sens cs go
It's actually 1.2k (CPI or eDPI) which is the "real" CSGO sens. And yes 400DPI and sens 3.09 IS INSANELY HIGH
sens cs go
Actually s1mple plays at 400DPI, sens about 3.0 which is so high. Props to him
sens cs go
What's the point of this thread then? You ask for a sens, but you have already one. /closed
Olof's issue
I've heard many leaks that olof was off due to his father illness. FaZe supported him, but business is business. The team can't play for so long with a stand-in, they need a stable player. If they kic...
sens cs go
It's up to you. I personally had 1.65 for almost a year but I switched to 1.8 due to slow back turns. I had to practice days to get to it. Edit: at 400DPI
Don haci
He isn't italian
I don't know who he was before and by the aspect he looked like typical gangster who would get shot ASAP. I did some researches and apparently he did helped many kids, charity etc which is really good...
C9 new shirt
RIP HTC, Logitech, TWITCH sponsors
The fact that many teams try to reshuffle many times in a few months that means that you either are washed up, or just dedicate your time on the game as a job as passion. Fox can't create a new team e...
NIP -Gtr +who?
-gtr +golden
both teams with a stand-in. This shows how other teams suck LOL