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Joshbm game ban
or maybe he's a griefer :>
TSM vs Prospects
autimatic - 18/4 fns - 2/6 semphis - 2/6 kk
Complexity vs KKona
ayy witmer was a saucer. and he was actually still really good. He 16-0ed Dynamic during a league match.
This girl in my American class is so dumb
sick b8 m8
RIP shroud [*]
Compare her with Fallen's gf whose supported him while he's been in NA this entire time... Shouldn't have entered a relationship if they weren't ready to deal with long periods of bootcamp and focu...
obnoxious americans
The USA chants are just as annoying as the NIP chants at every Swedish event. Turns out most crowds are obnoxious if you're the visiting team...
MLG Crowd
Whenever NiP wins a round they go wild - clearly not many NaVi fans in the crowd.
lol nice b8 m8
mousesports vs NiP
THREAT killed chrisJ with usp_silencer (headshot) chrisJ killed Xizt with glock (headshot) chrisJ killed friberg with glock (headshot) THREAT killed NiKo with usp_silencer friberg killed Spiidi wi...
TSM vs KKona
I saw Android on the line-up and thought, who the fuck is that? Then I remembered that fenek/rabbit had some dumb bet about changing his name. The dude is pretty good, and it's cool that the ODeag is ...
ddk and black ddk
??? when did that happen? lurppis was coaching ence today...
Platinium vs LPDC
lol I saw a part of the train map, but this inferno map is like the complete opposite...
tempostorm vs noble
salty af holy shit mods pls
I just don't understand why one of their guys is constantly calling in-game... What's the point? His calls are shit also, "He's there." The best of course is when he calls it's shahzam because h...
congrats nitr0
man what a loser having a gf during high school heheh oh god why am I so alone