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Astralis = joke Is Kjaerby locking? At 19sec hs through wall after kill
Pokemon GO stopped a rape
Except it says nothing about what the police said, only how the Pokemon guy told the to stay when they wanted to go while he called the police. Apparently he looked scary so they listened Jag trodd...
Pokemon GO stopped a rape
No, they wanted to leave but the Pokemon guy told them to stay. It says nothing about what the police said or how the whole thing ended Dont believe anything people write, try google translate lol
Sweden best in cs, best in science, why sweden ?
-Lack of conflicts -(Relatively) stable national politics -Great social protection which means you can try to become what you want and fail, but still live a pretty good life -Free and proper educa...
Manchester United fans
hoho haha
Razer DA Chroma Lift of distance in cds?
Who will win Euro 2016?
zlatan Or france
DaZeD :"(
Holy shit
DaZeD :"(
Its hard to say, yes they threw and it was in a really obvious manner. Then again they couldnt have known the concequences since it was the first case of it happening. Should they be unbanned? No, the...
[*] pick'em gold
What player pickems do you have? I have the same fantasy score and pickem as you ;_;
NiP awper
Your age and favorite musician/band.
25 John Frusciante
what draw
ex-iBP bans
They arent banned for taking skins, they could have bet bananas for all Valve care. They are banned for throwing a match and compromising the integrity of the scene
NEO > Skadoodle
Agreed Though Skadoudle is a solid rifler as well, he cant compete with neo