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muslims question
Of course that is what he said, are you even serious?... I wonder how you would correct the explanation of the genocide committed by the prophet himself, beheading an entire tribe.
muslims question
You have serious troubles understanding the difference between being violent while belonging to a religion, and a religion justifying violence.
muslims question
If you actually read the Quran, the sîra and some of the sunnah, you would have realised islam has nothing to do with Christianity. It is deeply racist, sexist and violent, to say the least. This is ...
muslims question
Wow, it feels that bad to realise you're told lies all day long?
muslims question
Hilarious how everyone in the world knows Turkey supported ISIS. Everyone but the brainwashed Turks. It is absolutely crazy how people can become blind to this point. Turkey even censors internet, bu...
You want to stop gaming to watch tv? Cause it's more relaxing? What is the purpose... Stop being toxic, it's the solution for you.
islam thread ban
I also got banned for saying Islamophobia is not racism, somehow...
Socialism is a mental illness where people confuse idyllic visions and reality.
French Police afraid Refugees :D
I agree: where is the difference between these savages and the leftists last summer?
... The joy of multiculturalism. I mean the pain of trying to include Islam in modern democracies.
question for muslims
Really? You are muslim and yet you don't know anything about Islam? Pitiful...
"We will win our 3rd major" -FalleN
I think he is completely wrong, and I also think he knows he is wrong.
I can only agree.
That was centuries ago. Now all you are able to do is going on strike forever (it's pretty similar to crying indeed), sabotaging your own economy to protect your privileges.
Worlds hardest question #02
See, you choose to be ignorant. Read the Quran.