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what's your major
Geography and Natural Hazard Management
Brits in MM - Worst?
Yeah nah geeza, he ain't getting any the slang! This lad definitely doesn't do bits in mm xD
Brits in MM - Worst?
"OMG you suck mate, you are garbage" - We would never say 'garbage', usually it goes "Fuckin' hell you're shite"
The nickname 'Jimbola', with a blue theme to it, don't mind font or anything like that. Would be awesome if you could make a Youtube banner to match it too! I will donate if you do! :)
Making spoderman avatars for some donations...
Hair type and colour: Short, brown Eye colour: Green Mouth type:Normal Hoodie or tshirt and colour of it: T-shirt, blue Logo on hoodie/tshirt: Team Liquid
HQ Signatures - my 2nd round
Nick: Jimbola Team: Team Liquid Background: UK TyTy <3
Free Spoderman Pictures (2)
Hair (Long/Short/Average):Short Hair colour: Brown Skin colour: White Eye colour: Green Mouth (No) T-Shirt (Hoodie/Jacket):Jacket T-Shirt colour: Blue Logo on t-shirt: Team Liquid logo
free skin for #66
I make spodermans!
Brown Hair Swag Glasses Green Eyes Team Liquid T-Shirt tyty<3
katowice 2014 sticker
Love it! Cheers
katowice 2014 sticker
Can you make the flag simple, not have an effect? Take out 2015 and stretch the name out under flag sorry, messaged on alt
Cologne Signatures!
Name: Jimbola Team: Renegades Font: 1 Tyty <3
katowice 2014 sticker
Jimbola United Kingdom
Cologne HD Autographs
Jimbola Renegades Mirage
Free Player Signature's
Name: Jimbola Team: Renegades