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I don't own a gaming PC anymore. Moved up in the world I just felt like gracing you with my presenc e
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hello fellow tier 1. Have you thrown coins at peasants lately? I was thinking about doing some of that later.
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construction. pipe fitter. setting some water fountains up at a new school. last part of the job for me.
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Good. I have 2 days off because my material is not shipped yet and I cannot begin the job, so here I am . Drinking coffee and smoking a cigar.
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Tell me more my friend! Did you get married? Or smoke crack for the first time?
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you should understand how this caste system works. you are not tier 1 you are a peasant. You should feel honored I am even typing this to you.
trump tweet
typical Europistani. We will have to come save you limp wristed faggots again. Europe is a damn fucking shame. Trump is the greatest leader we will see in our lives. Only an idiot of high degree c...
the trump curse. get fucked
Inherited €500k, what do?
cocaine and hookers is the only answer. 60%btc/30%LTC/5%OMG/5%evg is another answer.
oh my god look at this girl streamer
sorry so excited i forgot link
key buying bots are price fixing
i highly doubt that man, look at other games on steam that released in china then make your decision. You could be right, but again I don't think that is how china works. IF so - prices will surely ...
key buying bots are price fixing
pretty sure chinese players will be on a different server as is usually the case with chinese games
lol, game will never die. You know how many russians and chinese play that game?
Yea Muslims have discovered meme magic and not only are they making it legal to rape your women, now they are turning it into a desert shithole just like they are use to!