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Here are 8 Truths in life
1- You can't touch your teeth with ur tongue
2- All of you idiots, after reading the first truth tried it.
4- The first truth is false
5- Ur laughing because ur dumb
6- You did not even realize that there was no #3
7- You just looked to make sure
8- Laughing again

"In North America teams change their rosters too often and like to always have a person to blame whenever things don't work out rather than work to overcome the problems. Another major problem is that EVERYONE in NA practices to win, rather than to get better. I also think practice on ESEA (their website, has an anti cheat and provides statistics for every scrim) makes everything worse because players will stat whore in scrims as well rather than trying to play for the team."

lurppis -

Employer: FYC eSports
Position: General Manager
Channel: #FYCeSports

Employer: Extreme-Gaming Network
Position: CEO & Founder
Channel: #EGN

Employer: Frag Dominant
Position: Community/PR
Channel: #Frag`Dominant

Employer: iT5
Position: Manager Director
Channel: #it5

Employer: Potential Gaming
Position: CEO

Employer: LGN
Position: Community Manager
Description: mylgn.com

Employer: Sure`Shot
Position: Co-Founder

**And many many more**

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