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If device is #1 i will
They can do what they want, they always have and they always will. Everyone knows that Device does not deserve no1.
If device is #1 i will
Of course, device will be no1, HLTV is ran by Nomad who in turn is Danish. The HLTV rankings have never been fair since they started doing them. Take no notice of them.
Worst BR of all time?
it's so bad. just follow the drones to where they drop the guns off, its the stupidest BR I have ever played. And I've played them all lol.
New CS:GO Update
Worst update since Beta 1 in 1999.
People are too clever these days, I mean the only people with the skills to do that would be annonymous( and they would never support a revolution of that scale ) as they don't believe in mass riots e...
Peoples opinions are too divided to all come together for a cause, the only thing that's united England in the last 20 years is the World Cup. If they said they were going to get rid of the England fo...
Rioting was a method that was effective years ago, maybe still is in poor rundown countries. But if a riot broke out in somewhere like America or the UK. It wouldn't have any effect, maybe a few civil...
need help CSGO problems
no, I use a 144hz monitor.
need help CSGO problems
Internets fine: d/l 63Mb Up 18Mb always Fullscreen mode And yes I think it is an input lag issue caused by Windows, all my settings are what they should be and It's the same with 3 different makes of...
need help CSGO problems
As stated every other game works fine, and my FPS isn't a problem. I'm not going to upgrade just on the off chance it "might" fix one of the games I play. It's a Windows problem which even people with...
need help CSGO problems
100€ for you
I'm having the exact same problem - CS just doesn't feel right, I'm sure it's something to do with the scaling. here's the post I just made on the same problem.
need help CSGO problems
I've tried changing everything in the nvidia control panel, nothing seems to make a difference :(
need help CSGO problems
Also, my FPS is fine, never drops below 200-250 on any maps, so it's 100% not FPS.
ChrisJ about d0c
This kinda sums up the situation for me, something very fishy going on.