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G2 top 1 fix
Well now, to1nou is one of the absolute worst performers offline. Watch him play any LAN event and you will quickly realize that the kid is still miles away from being even an sub-par AWP.
EU rich countries
If you are highly educated and have family with you (underage children), then it is easily 1200€ a month, if not more.
EU rich countries
Just walk to the border and calmly say "refugee immigration" and you are in, no need to shout anything. Then enjoy your 600-1200 €/month and possibly free housing.
Ping in 50 yrs
Kinda optimistic. Sweden probably won't have internet in 50 years, rather it will be a big fat allahakbar country.
My GF is pregnant!
Well, your fucked. Enjoy your "mediocrity at best" living standards for the next 20 years.
Luminosity vs TSM
ty 4 odds, ez skins ez money swedistan
that his real face in the twitter pic ? like it was always obv that the guy is a loser but to actually look like a stereotypical brony who hasn't seen sunlight in years is still a bit shocking xD
Cloud9 vs OpTic
It is really smart from Stewie tough. He was next in line to being cut, so he needs someone who is definitely worse than him. He sells his "slemmy is supadupa IGL we need him ! I played with him b4" ...
OpTic vs Echo Fox
mOE is playing so bad, I can't believe they fucking willingly have him on the team and as their primary AWP. There are so many better players than mOE.
Hottest streamers?
No chest, flat ass, avg "easy hoe" face. defo not lol
30 Smartest Countries EU
need to bait a bit better than this uk son
NA CS > French CS
are you also bad at cs game ?
Gambit vs CLG
such plays from both teams. how the fuck is it possible that one of these teams is going to get a "legend" status in a major -.-
Friberg Video
athletic friberg with a lot of hunger :D:D:D wtf this was cringe gold
HellRaisers vs Space Soldiers
Lantares so good player :>