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europe is done done done
Or just one that publishes stats. That's a start!
europe is done done done
Asking you to present evidence for [ITALIC]"the reason [BOLD]the stats are lower[/BOLD]..."[/ITALIC] Not convert me to Islam...
europe is done done done
Name one Islamic country that publishes reliable stats about crime, health, education etc etc.?
trump logic explain pls ?
Opinions change when you see the size of Obama's bills
Why Russia?
Oh! I thought we were talking about Russia here. My bad. Erm... NK was sending millions of its and china's troops into hand to hand combat with tanks. NK is regularly making videos about nuking...
Why Russia?
The rules are different when someone is hostile. I have the right to disarm you if you threaten me.
islam is. No way I would let my daughters read that shit.
Why Russia?
Wat? I'm just saying why it [ITALIC]seems[/ITALIC] like industrialised societies throw their weight around. I make no moral judgement. I think if women get loads of nukes take a load of people host...
Why Russia?
The empires of China and Pussia are on the border to take as much land as possible when SK, JP and USA blow up NK nukes.
Why Russia?
No they just win most of the time because it's the most powerful economic setup. Agrarian countries are just not capable of winning wars. Do you think china tells no one how to live? You think china ...
Why Russia?
South Korea obviously, not the poccNR blyads (((( Oh wait I just read the tweet, who gives a fuck what russia wants lol. They worried they will not get a slice of NK in the event of a war. They not...
Why Russia?
Because they develop the nukes and they are crazy ppls that would use them and they live next door to a modern industrialised society.
macrons wife
He married his paedophile abuser...
Not it means 'the one' and it's about being as disrespectful as possible to the polytheists and non-muslims around in 700ad
UK scene irrelevant
Putin just mad cuz his missiles don't work and no one is scared of him (except innocent women and children.)