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cig + coffee = best breakfast?
I would argue that not even the majority of smokers need "more and more nicotine through time". I have seen plenty of smokers who can't smoke for a while. Almost everyone of my friends smokes and I sm...
cig + coffee = best breakfast?
If cigarettes drive your life then you have other issues and would suffer the same shit from weed lol At work there are smoking zones. At home you can do whatever the fuck you want. If you're smoking...
Who is #1 rn?
Who even cares? It's all online. BIG wouldn't be #1 if we had any LANs right now.
NA to Valorant
Interestingly you pay about twice as much for health insurance on average compared to a German earning 3k gross, and yet ours is still a million times better. And what we pay for the normal health ins...
I'll rate you as hltv user.
Remember guys
thank mr. mytwitchisrolezki
Ryzen 5 problem
lul imagine if you plugged your TV into your mainboard instead of your GPU
Germany insanely brainwashed
I mean it doesn't really sound like many people are with her, does it? No more than 2 people clapping, that's it. Also the green parties never really make it anywhere anyway. They're present, that's a...
Ketchup on pizza
Of course Americans use ranch dressing. You would put ranch dressing on everything.
Germany insanely brainwashed
I live in eastern Germany and can't support this claim at all. In fact, I live in a 100% leftist community right now. There aren't any more 0 iq rightists here than there are in the rest of Germany. T...