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Which region is the best at cs
They only good on t side
Is Finland nice?
If you like nature and peace and quiet and all that stuff finland is great. For live rally also great. You wont find anything spectacular in the "big cities" tho so it really depends what you want t...
Game of Thrones WTF??
Most ppl who are hyped about GoT are casual plebs who think breaking bad is the pinnacle of storytelling. Popular =/= good
Game of Thrones WTF??
Yeah. Imo the things they changed compared to the books while they were still in that part of the story were mostly poor aswell. But that stannis arc + jon snow stabbed for no reason and revived like ...
Game of Thrones WTF??
The thing is that the show is not even remotely well written. Logical inconsistency, pointless scenes, pointless deaths, shit pacing and awful character develepment have plagued the show from the star...
Fuck series
Who would respect the makers of GoT after the writers just fucked up most of what is great about asoiaf
Game of Thrones WTF??
GoT is just fanfic at this point
Classic RPG recommendations
Every time i think about kotor2 and the potential if there was more time and resources just makes me sad.. Such a great game with the restoration mod and even that is but a glimpse into what could hav...
Classic RPG recommendations
Witcher 1,2,3 and bioshock1,2(not rly rpg but has rpg elements)
Most overrated players?
Ez for alliance the best analyst team
Country to live in
I heard its worse than in ancient sparta
lmao xD
all free agents
ye my mistake
all free agents
nvm that is zeves