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If there is 5% of rich people in India, so they have almost 100 millions rich guys.
It is written in Constitution 1993, but who cares about it.
russia is a 3rd world country
But I am not Igor
russia is a 3rd world country
I confirm
Time to ban Islam
Russia and NATO bombs civilians in Syria and Iraq. Every western invasions and then western governements lead to millions of victims. But of course, you consider only terror against "white" people.
i have an test tomorrow - aMa
In muslim countries Friday is like a Sunday for christians. For example in UAE no one works on Friday and usually on Saturday.
Overpass illegal boost?
Still you can make one round with this boost easily.
20.000/Month + 3 Year Contract
At least the government do smth on ur taxes. Meanwhile in 3rd world they go straight to offshores.
Carer job?
If it is you better to find another option. Obviously you would wash their genitals as well as other parts of the body.
Dream Team (ultimate)
I doubt if NBK and KennyS are not toxic.
128tick Syria
They had it though, but russian aircraft bombed it
Which nation u hate
In the real life none, at hltv favelas.
Real Russian AMA
Well actually according to Russian massmedia, Hilary is russian hater, meanwhile Trump is not. Moreover, russian people like his personality because here people like populists.
Real Russian AMA
It's supposed that you eat the ingredients, if you have read some russian classics, you would see, that they always write "eat" kompot.
GF Birthday
Repair the roof of her favela. That's would be quite useful at rainy season.