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no source 2 no 128 tick
good thing we have faceit... i checked the content out and i couldn't care less. stuff like that will always attract the non-competitive players and we should have ZERO expectations from valve. game ...
German Rap
Trump 2016 voters
i wish i was this good looking at 50 years old like that egorgian boooiist from youngstown, ohio
Trump 2016 voters
this thread has lots of puppets dancing like nerds LMAO gungagingagunga... DANCE!
LMAO touché
Game of Thrones
GoT is for loser cuck nerds
Obese man.
likewise my mans. we gots to do it for ourselves and our health... and for the ladies hahahah ;) if you look at yourself in the mirror would you fuck or find yourself attractive? i definitely wouldn'...
Obese man.
i started november 2016 and it was going very well until april of 2017. i've lost a good chunk of weight and was at ca. 109kg in april... then i started feeling too comfortable and gained 20kg from ap...
Obese man.
i was once around 150kg at 1,87m and lost approx. 8kg in the first month... i kept a very "strict" diet and walked power walkd every day for a duration of 40 minutes or a route of 8km, i varied betwee...
Crab Rave Music Kit
i'd rather have a music kit of liquid richard BIG UPS MY MANS
cs 1.6
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsbEqIAEh2U impossible to do in csgo
cs 1.6
csgo is the best iteration of cs, crabwalking while spraying at an enemy requires HIGH SKILL..........
ASTRALIS = National heroes ?
keep on dancing to their tunes