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GeT_RiGhT new team
They can break into top 5 of Belgium
mousesports vs m1x
Who are they ?
So you are trying to tell me that old cache have better graphics than the new one ? Are retarded or ... oh nvm i saw your flag... yeah yeah your right suka trash graphics rush b
ScreaM > JaCkz
Just based on what I saw, feel like he was a bit lost on the map
ScreaM > JaCkz
It is so sad because JaCkz is amazing ... Communication killed him
ScreaM > JaCkz
but they will have enough money in one year to make family safe for one life. I would have done the same
Kenny Speak english like a fucking chiken and jackz barely know how to say his name... looking forward to see a pug style team failing once again
Plopski or Brollan
Yeah I was more talking about individual play than teamplay in my example but yeah you're right
What is the problem in MOUZ
Yeah but Na'Vi got s1mple ... He would even carry me to top30 hltv
What is the problem in MOUZ
They have too much of young individual talent to work, I mean frozen, ropz and woxic aren't players with alot of big event playoffs and even less tier one trophy. The think is that they are right now...
Yeah the map look awesome, people need to understand that csgo dev make pretty maps in order to gain new casual people who cares about graphics. So we are not the people directly concerned by this kin...
Pink is ugly but atleast you always see it
Plopski or Brollan
Swedish player's always had that smart type of play, they feel the game pretty well and do the right in-game decision. French player on the other hand are more brutal aim no-brainer
Liquid vs Astralis
yeah and you should know that anything can happends in a game
Liquid vs Astralis
9 round on a BO3, you are like the Russian who surrender after gun round