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freakazoids whiny ass
ikr. guess i expected too much from hltv braindeads
freakazoids whiny ass
steroids? lol
Rugratz vs Under 21
would you mind compiling all your assumptions/evidence as to why it's rigged? i looked thru the thread and couldn't really find any evidence, just "odds change a lot= rigged" I'm just curious to see y...
Complexity vs fnatic
impressive 1v4. read them like a book
Warriors International vs Rugratz
ez for erik
TOP 5 players right now
zywoo hasnt done anything this year. not compared to his performance last year. i don't think he's in the top5 rn
ur right. otherwise it seemed like he was getting impactful kills on guys he was outaiming. but I only watched after round like 12 so I can't say for certain
didnt see a single kill the way you describe lmao
Niko is actually a good IGL.
i think its just an error in translation but he is far from the greatest igl in history (tho you probably meant the igl w/ the best aim)
"It's just a flu"
At a certain point, arguing with idiots and needing to fish through search history to find articles/evidence gets tiring. Not saying you're one of the idiots, seems like you actually care about discou...
"It's just a flu"
Didn't save them. Go find it yourself.
"It's just a flu"
Doesnt matter what the statistics are. Ive literally read multiple Italian doctor testimonies/doctors who have worked in Italy say their healthcare quality is shit.
Just a flu? Look inside a hospital in Italy
I made a lot of claims. Mind saying which you find the most stupid? I enjoy a good debate.
Just a flu? Look inside a hospital in Italy
"These numbers are based on a closed-environment with variables controlled for (Google the first cruise ship to have someone w/ COVID board it)" I didn't calculate it. Government officials did. I beli...
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