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mm cooldown wtf
nice, 2 wins more and 3rd 1 day ooldown, so i can literally play 7-8 mm matches in 1 week because of cooldowns ? wtf is this
Game of thrones S8 EP01
haha this is brilliant, @ john the photographer, this is actually perfect when you've already seen s8 e1
yeah you got me
not really, i like Got but i'm not the kind of person that swims with the mainstream. not using instagarm or facebook or some shit. i just do what i like and when i like GoT i watch it, there are othe...
too late for education?
lol no ? we have some ppl in our university that are 33, some start a new bachelor with 30+ to change their focus or something. you are 23 man not 60. wtf is this, you are way too much pressured by ki...
maikelele LMAO !
where did i write that ? wrong comment ?
maikelele LMAO !
well considering the technology we had 60 years ago, i am also sceptical about the moon landing. but why would someone fake a black hole, i mean it's only a picture and it's not even very sharp, it is...
maikelele LMAO !
page doesnt exist anymore, what was he saying ?
best 144hz 24inch 2019?
link me another 200€ monitor with all the things i've listed. oh wait, there is none.
best 144hz 24inch 2019?
i just bought a MSI MAG24C for 200€, 144hz, freesync, curved and stuff. and freesync is also useable for Nvida since gtx 10xx/ r9 285 and more modern cards ofc looks nice also with led in the back a...
india has over 1 billion people, french ppl are getting overrun by arabs and africans just like germany. in 50 years india > france and germany. don't be so cocky.
[18+] hot girls?
lol no ? do 12 year old look like that in denmark? she looks 18-20
Prettiest girl name?
Leah, Emilia, Sophie, Chloe, Lena, Marie, Julie/Julia and for my german fellows from back in the days, Sieglinde, Hildegard, Helga
What music do you listen to?
mostly i only listen to music when training- that's the type
I rate your national anthem
we have a new anthem in germany since yesterday, enjoy