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[*] Brussels
cant belive there are any sane germans still. +1, my man, +1
[*] Brussels
wait what? but it is just Multiculturalism? What is wrong with it?!? And to be serious, good luck, man. Do not know where you can run from islamic phreaks but good luck.
SK vs FlipSid3
If you are waiting for a match and have nothing to do, you should check out [BOLD]http://justcsgothings.com/[/BOLD] with memes, videos and other cool stuff related to csgo
brazil 3rd world
yes, sure. favelas are the best places to visit.
just move ex6 to a coach position and find a proper player who actually can compete with other tier 1 teams.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
it would if favelas could win full buy against force with pistols or 5v2.
Mouz Niko mad cause he lost to randoms in Katowice qualifier?
yes but if you have a team from fucking somewhere for example france, and the offline qualifier is being held in poland then how can 16-2x year old kids pay few thousands for plane tickets and hotels ...
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
ok ok let me call starladder organisers to postpone the game till like 19-20? so you could eat and then come back. We cannot start without you broski
Pasha Top 3
Because its simple fake account !!!111oneone
Pasha Top 3
Top 4
1. Hunden 2. Joelz 3. Maikelelelelele 4. pashabiceps
Rape is forbidden in islam . if its not ill leave islam
stfu cunt rapist
UK vs PL
fk dude ur retard
dude, ur just french, your retarded and noone really treats you seriously. chillax
Natus Vincere vs CyberZen
lol sltv always had delays