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Why islam is scary to me
i'm not really sure they can be called muslims tbh, you don't become one by claiming to be one instead by acting like one, which they most certainly don't know how to.
Why islam is scary to me
you are right when saying "if you think suicide bombings are justified thats enough of a reason for me to not be cool with you" its never justified and is against islam. They are barbaric animals who ...
Avicii :'(
don't forget A Sky full of stars
1 Country: 1 Food
pakistan : biryani
Your Job/Career
what kind of classes you took?
Your Job/Career
i studied only one automation course, Industrial process control. And i kinda like automation/mechanical side of engineering more so than the electronics(which i was good in). Also i never really like...
Your Job/Career
what kind of technical skills a business Development Engineer posses?
Your Job/Career
I've been thinking of doing my masters in control and automation, how's the practical life? I did electrical engineering with specialization in electronics before. Also what are the possible job oppor...
Biggest Wasted Talent
every na cs player's wet dream
Biggest Wasted Talent
people are forgetting shroud, who had one of the highest skill ceiling yet was only able to show it a few times.
ez for AME
Everything you just said is straight up lies and simply wrong. Telling others to wake up when you are the one spreading bullshit. Islam was the first thing which actually gave rights to women. There i...
vRn vs Mad Wolves
they are all from karachi
Its keep on crashing whenever i try to launch, so yeah...