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Favorite rock group?
P1mple not top 10
Pimp in 2018 OMEGALUL
Swedish rap
wtf is that shit.. try some oldschool
"killed Connor after he was sucker-punched while trying to regain breath after the match." Are you actually fucking retarded or what? Do you even fucking know why the 2 guys jumped the cage? it was ...
RIP Khabib m8s Check 0.40, conor is running trying to jump out but gets pulled back. khabibs teammate is also trying to get over (with a white towel) just ne...
RIP Khabib m8s
no, he was running to help khabib. he was on top of the cage trying to get outside, but conor gave him a punch with his left hand? how is that a "counter attack" LOL?
what are the fucc you talk
RIP Khabib m8s
what you mean "attacked" conor? he hit Khabibs teammate first, thats why 2 guys jumped the cage and hit conor lol. he deserved it
Big L, Guru, Nas, Rakim no order
Khabib scared?
scared LOL? everybody knows khabib will destroy conor
played jmqa in mm
cmonBruh HOL UP
played jmqa in mm
is this a joke? why did u even upload that? and why did you post it here??? more importantly, WHY ARE YOU PLAYING MM 2018? so many questions...
[+18] rate the ass
[+18] rate the ass
[+18] rate the ass
without typing her name? xD well enjoy the report