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FaZe flusha FaZe Twistzz
reported > retarded
FaZe flusha FaZe Twistzz
You’re joking right
k23 5th player
Facecrack and almazer as they probably gets replaced by forrester and woro2k in forze
yuurih, HEN1 are monday's prediction for me
Yuurih Will not get on the list sry
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
yeah they all said he was trash, toxic and a bootleg tarik content god
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
guess im not lvl 10 then dammit... I get tilted by Igor as I usually lose games when no one is giving info and losing isn't fun imo. Yeah playing positions etc is great, but if u lose games u end up...
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
im lvl10 and want to see if im communicating too much, simplistic or too little. Whatever the case may be I'd rather see how pros do it than letting 28 year old Igor tell me to " stfu" because he does...
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
8/8 i giggled
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
soft spot? Sinply trying to explain that some people are interested in watching actual Pro players pug. Not some drama between who gets to jump to the opposing team’s ts3 Channel just to say “trash” ...
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
if it wasnt for loba a lot more pros would consider playing FPL. I know 12 year olds think his behaviour might be normal, but most regular people dont really like getting harrassed and screamed at whe...
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
"Loba is the biggest reason why ppl even watch fpl" what a sad statement. You do realize that a lot of people watch FPL to watch actual pro players pug in randomized teams, right? I never understood...
Mantuu was clearly OG’s Best player throughout the year though?
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
Yeah great person indeed. He seems very humble and genuine for playing with actual pros