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STYKO on Hyenas having a spot on RMR
I never said kjærbye was ex-north player based on valve rules. Im just saying this roster is way more ex-north than "just a danish mix". 3 of the players played together for almost 2 years
STYKO on Hyenas having a spot on RMR
if the 6 man rules werent a thing the scene would look completely different and astralis most likely wouldnt have poached bubzki, but since the 6 man rule is a thing we'll just accept it and go along
STYKO on Hyenas having a spot on RMR
Gade, aizy and kjærbye isnt ex-north? XD Sure kjærbye was on faze briefly, but he is and Will always be ex-north player in our hearts
STYKO on Hyenas having a spot on RMR
Gotta use every trick in the book to compete against the best. respect ex-north #UpNorth
STYKO on Hyenas having a spot on RMR
Hyenas did nothing wrong. At this state of the game every non-org team is fighting to get picked up so ofc you Will use every chance available. 90% of the hate on hyenas is just down to the fact that...
Dual Berretas
Its a great option for pistol rounds. 100$ more expensive than p250 but has 17 more bullets and shoots Way faster
best gloves for price
case hardened gloves
sh1ro doesn't play for impact
The objective of Taking risk is not to die early in the round, but rather to create an advantage for your team which heightens the probability of winning the round. If he was the s1mplestomper that p...
Valde isnt their star player tho. Surely his stats suggests it, but his positions and role is not typically starplayer orientated