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like teachers can't be morons. You're kind of strange.
I cheated on my GF
since you didn't cheat in CS, god'll let that pass. Never cheat in CS, boys - you'll be in hell of hells for that.
only 5%, not worth it. The majority of cancer is created by brasilian monkeys
2024 Olympics
With all due respect, i wouldn't risk it. Either that or kick all the muslims and blacks out to Alps so we could be 100% sure no one's going to get hurt.
Injury = ruse ??
They can always bring back lelele if they need an awp. He was horrible when in faze, yes, but only because he reifled and fox awped. There's also Delpan, though i'm not sure where this guy is right no...
Prison Break
You forgot Breaking Bad
Pokemon Go Porygon
That might have been a reason you wouldn't exist. fixed you bro
I'm Australian AMA
What's with the IT sphere? Can you move in easily on skilled immigration program?
Gl0weN and DCcsgo exposed
they said you got CP. Do you?
Petition to ban Gl0wen
we should only ban you if you didn't.
Petition to ban Gl0wen
Like Banksy hiding in the crowd looking at Banksy's graffiti. I like your style.
Petition to ban Gl0wen
So what? There are ppl that watched Ghostbusters and gave it positive reviews, should we ban them because of that?
Petition to ban Gl0wen
holy shit moralfag got triggered. You are new to the Internet, aren't you?
2/27/1933 - 7/15/2016
there isn't any month 27 nor month 15. learn the numbers then say something.
Standard practice - Internet is one of the most efficient comm ways.