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Guess who is the player
Best monitor for CSGO?
I went for a BenQ 2411Z. Best purchase I've ever made for gaming. CS feels 1000% better. Some people find the colours a bit weird at first but a bit of adjustment and you're golden.
Ex6TenZ stream
Scratching all the G2 stickers off his guns haha
Dust2 the last original map in pool?
Mirage got a huge overhaul
Dust2 the last original map in pool?
You're being pedantic and you know it.
20 year old, still possible to become a pro player ?
When your watching pro's always think to yourself "Why has he moved there, why has he smoked off that, why is he holding that angle" The key to understanding the game properly is to always think "WHY ...
144hz stretched
amd settings, custom res, 1440x1080, save. Open game, select 4:3, select new res, if not stretched open amd, go to display and set "scaling mode" full panel. I had mad problems getting it to work on 1...
this crowd suck so much...
lol. You're a mongo. You probably thought the katowice crowd was amazing. They didnt even stay to watch the other teams let alone cheer for anyone else
In before you left the fuel tap set to "Off" If it started then just slowly died it sounds like it was running on the fuel that was in the float but once it used all of it then it died. I'd make sure ...
Best PS2 Game?
i knew this was coming lmao
Best PS2 Game?
I think FFX is excellent. Just bought the remaster on PS4 and really enjoying it.
I could point out about 9 catastrophic errors he made in the 2 games i seen today and i didnt even watch it properly. He's fucking horrendous.
Type of coffee - Rank
Azzurro or Illy beans. Latte or KAPPAccino thank you.
adreN is LE
Both my accounts were global and both ranked in at le after 6 or 7 weeks of inactivity and this update. Its hilariously easy to rank back up though so im having a great laugh with it.
Astralis logo
and source. Later became Insignia cadre