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North vs Gale Force
more like florida vs gale force
Friberg new team
itt retards judge pyth for not being able to carry nip similar to every single replacement they ever brought in, allu is a god tier player who they made into a useless one, pyth, maikelele etc...
NiP changes
-friberg -xizt getright forest karrigan guardian shox
Unban Cloud9 swag
noones gives a fuck about AZK lmao
new inferno
are you illiterate? i am salty because "im super sad my favorite map since source has been turned into a steaming pile of absolute GARBAGE" it says it right there in the original post you absolute ...
new inferno
the same chokepoints still exist, if anything the game is easier for ct's than before
new csgo sounds
Pornstar or money?
you're an idiot lol
-neo incoming
yea, people multiply like cockroaches in south america, it makes sense theres more brazilian fanboys than polish... the fact that i had to point this out to you only proves ur a subhuman BR BR RB BRBR...
Why UK so toxic
uk so angry because the sounds suck
New bug in CS:GO after update?
yea theres this crazy bug where all the guns sound like garbage
-neo incoming
doubt it, neo carries
Pornstar or money?
10k is enough to have sex with a 10/10 escort for a day and have a lot of money leftover
csgo doesnt sound like cs anymore.
change org/p/valve-rollback-to-original-cs-go-sound-pack