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WW2 result
1. The US for funding the Allies, ensuring that the Russians and Brits were able to stay in the fight. The industrial might of the US is what won the war in my opinion. Fun fact - Japanese fleet adm...
g4y by choice
+1 I wouldn't call myself bi or whatever, but I don't get why two blokes making out should require a label. If I thought a guy was properly fit don't see why I wouldn't go for it.
Pillow Choice
Two average size firm pillows underneath for me, two large soft down pillows on top for my girl
best looking female politician in your country
Best of British <3
Nade binds
+1 I dig this dude, think i'll not bother with molotov keybind though as I mostly use them for set plays
Tier 1 countries
Canada for sure
I can destroy any team
<3 <3 <3
Yes, there definitely is an arrogance/toxicity problem among UK players. As much as anything it's because we just assume that everyone can and should speak English which is frankly ridiculous. Smooy...
You're thinking of the French my dude haha :)
10/10 grill?
Gets me hard just looking :o
Do you prefer watching close games, or games where one team is dominating?
nah, when you're up 12-0 that's when you can start buying guns like dual berettas etc
-snax after major
Don't think anyone was hyped for Snax xD He completely lost form, being in VP so long has made him lazy
-snax after major
+1, STYKO is that warm good feeling you get when you sit by the fire with a cup of cocoa. STYKO is the support we all need <3
PL liberate DE
UK stands with Poland <3 Your soldiers fought very bravely