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Movistar Riders vs eSuba
That was sad to watch, no idea wtf did Movistar do here.
SKADE vs Spirit Academy
Damn, Spirit Academy can only play Train I swear, difficult time is coming for them
Jaguares vs Durany
Here's another
HAVU vs Sprout
3 days ago they were getting smashed by UoL
Izako Boars vs OFFSET
Here is the reason
AGO vs Movistar Riders
Would be huge surprise if Movistar somehow lost that.
GameAgents vs Cowana
Yes, every game that RatPatrol played in should be replayed, that's how things should be handled.
Anonymo vs OFFSET
Can anyone explain the logic hidden behind signing of snapy?
Caronte vs Izako Boars
They lost only 11 rounds in previous 4 games and still got clapped by IB with coach as a stand in, yikes.
Caronte vs Izako Boars
Caronte is on insane run today, honestly they should smash IB.
Both teams are massively underperforming lately
G2 vs Endpoint
Endpoint got steamrolled by tier 4 team literally 19 hours ago so...
Nordavind vs EC Brugge
Well, that was unexpected.
Trident vs Anonymo
I'm not gonna argue here, they has been named most promising when the team was created but they are not living up to the expectations. So the phrase "most promising polish team" was used in a sarcasti...
Trident vs Anonymo
Hehe funni