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4ppl premade shouldn't be allowed to que, that's all we need. That was the basic thing developed in flex rankeds in LoL and cs dev should learn, because their IQ seems to be 2x lower than Rioters'.
FATE vs Hard Legion
This is why I said it's weird?
FATE vs Hard Legion
That's really weird, but they were better with THRONE.
Nexus vs LDLC
0% continues, you just can't play that map, understand it guys.
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs sAw Who did worse: stadodo or FalleN?
Nexus vs LDLC
Vertigo, Dust 2, Train are obvious maps here.
23-4 in 21 rounds? What a beast performance from Stefan.
Lucid Dream vs Bren
Strange odds, shouldn't Bren be a favourite here?
Izako Boars vs lvlUP
Well, their inferno is just garbage.
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
Nexus boys having a tough times against polish cs, let's hope they won't meet Honoris in elimination match.
Mythic vs ex-Polar Ace
Why do people on the server even attempt to make fun Mythic? They always get fcked for that right after. Today Round 5, cxzi: Bomb is B xd Gets smashed 2-0. A month ago Round 2, carson: ? you are so...
Triumph vs Yeah
Not this time and I hope it won't happen ever again. Triumph know them too well now, so Yeah can't surprise them, it was their only win condition tbh.
x6tence vs Queso
It's probably about orgs, not players' nationality.
x6tence vs Queso
Dude, HLTV usually shows only minor and major tournaments as a whole. Other, smaller regional ones like lvp unity or country championships are displayed only when playoffs hit. That's how it works. Ca...
Chiefs vs VERTEX
Holy, it was way too easy to trigger you, get a life lmao.