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Forum posts vs BIG
Hard to destroy a team that doesn`t exist vs Heroic
Rescheduled to next year vs Gambit
looks like the polar bear is crying. if you zoom in it disappears
144hz vs 60hz
Holy shit. When people said that the difference was "pretty noticeable" I was like "meh, probably a waste of money" Until I saw how fucking insane this shit is. 60hz feels like absolute shit now and I...
i dont know... they just play like noobs since 1.5 years. maybe they have bad coms or something. i mean who the fuck plays passive and close ion site when u expect a 5 man rush ... they dont even jump...
They just play like idiots lol. As soon as they lost the anti-eco 2nd round of the match I immediately turned off the stream. vs MVP PK
Realistic start time 17:35 vs MVP PK
fucking delays now i cant watch them play....
Wich rank u got after 10 matches?
Silver 2 2013 Global now with 2k hours
Bayern Munich - Besiktas
still our defense is shaky as hell. i watch every game i can and am not impressed. we dont get more goals in bundesliga cause the other teams are shit and dont use their chances
Bayern Munich - Besiktas
im a bayern fan. but even you as a fan have to see that we get a lot of goals against weak teams in champions league an bundesliga. Sure the players are individually very good but sometimes they just ...
Bayern Munich - Besiktas
bayern has weak defense im sure besiktas gonna score one goal.
Niko kurac
McGregor Mayweather
i think it will be a great fight but mcgregor will loose. in MMA he would wipe the floor with mayweather