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The win itself wasn't the fluke, the fluke is about the major, underperforming team make easier win. For a team that people said was dominating, average result isn't that good. i'm not gonna answer ...
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Results after Cluj : 7-8th FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Finals at DH Winter 2015FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Finals at DH Winter 2015 3-4th ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 FinalsESL ESEA Pro League Seas...
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nop I'm french, just annoyed to see that french on internet are unnable to write basic english and insult everybody in french, I don't believe in the french scene because even Cluj Napoca was a fluk...
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please write your comment in english, or you are one of those french that are not even able to write basic english? go back to your porn site you 14 yo delusionnal wanker
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There is no fix to the french scene, stop trying to bring it back no good IGL, old players not performing anymore, crybaby that don't want to play with each others.... reaching a quarter or a semi o...
This guy cheating 100%?
Legit to me
So by your logic Handball should be call Football too? as far as I know they are not running on their hands
Is 1.8 400dpi low sensetivity?
the "classic" sens is 2.0 and 400dpi not 800
Magisk to astralis
He is talking about what Astralis did.
As I said in my first comment, I bought those one 2 or 3 times, only few of them are really spicy, that's why they're named "roulette", and those one are pretty hot it seem( my friend ate some of them...
well, I could drink tabasco pepper with not that much heat comming (not too much of course, my stomach would die), so I guess i'm pretty resilient to spicy food
I hate some of these a few time, and if you are into spicy food that's not that hot
Things were kinda like that everywhere before medicine and everything got better for some place. There is always a transition time where medicine get better but people are still doing as much kid as t...
I'm not saying that what you say in your post is wrong, but people on this website are having fun posting shit and spamming the same exact freakin thread for years now. And btw I only used the word "...
You are delusional to think that people will not trash or cry on SK looses in this event