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Xyp taking A leave doesn't mean he is leaving Astralis...
one of the Dreamhack I went was a European minor, and I can remember seing team like Godsent,hellraisers and more having to play really important game on shitty foldable chairs, with small desks in a ...
Please don't, I'd rather have an other major in Cluj Napoca than a big event in Paris, French organisation is shitty AF, 100% you would get delay. I've also been to 2 Dreamhack Tours(name of a city) a...
Washed up final LUL
NIP and Faze are the only 2 teams that were able to win more than 1 match out of 4 played, so they deserve it anyway
Fortnite > csgo change my mind
This is a csgo site, the fact that you create offtopic thread to trash the site and praise a game you know this community dislike is pathetic, but well that's maybe the only thing that make you feel b...
Fortnite > csgo change my mind
What's the point of this kind of post?
french options
The win itself wasn't the fluke, the fluke is about the major, underperforming team make easier win. For a team that people said was dominating, average result isn't that good. i'm not gonna answer ...
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Results after Cluj : 7-8th FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Finals at DH Winter 2015FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3 Finals at DH Winter 2015 3-4th ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 FinalsESL ESEA Pro League Seas...
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nop I'm french, just annoyed to see that french on internet are unnable to write basic english and insult everybody in french, I don't believe in the french scene because even Cluj Napoca was a fluk...
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please write your comment in english, or you are one of those french that are not even able to write basic english? go back to your porn site you 14 yo delusionnal wanker
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There is no fix to the french scene, stop trying to bring it back no good IGL, old players not performing anymore, crybaby that don't want to play with each others.... reaching a quarter or a semi o...
This guy cheating 100%?
Legit to me