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G2 announcement ?
new jersey design?
Nba predicts day 4 + skin
I'll join in on this! Detroit vs Clippers - Clippers quite comfortably Memphis vs Miami - Miami Boston vs Orlando - Boston Pelicans vs Minnesota - due to KAT being uncertain, I'd have to say Pelicans...
BIG or Na'Vi?
2-1 NaVi - BIG will win dust2 (because navi will ban cache as per usual)
FaZe -who?
i mean theoretically I could see FaZe replacing Guardian with s1mple IF both NaVi and FaZe bomb out earlier than expected now during the major
Kinguin vs EURONICS
HLTV recommended match
NRG vs HellRaisers
So... NRG picks overpass, HR... mirage maybe? and what.. cache or inferno as the decider?
-chrisj -styko when?
That move will happen during the transfer window in the yet to be released game of CS:GO Manager. It's like FIFA year X, where only such a move could possibly work. :)
Aside from their money getting reset, AVANGAR have pretty much just out fragged them heavily, can't say there were many rounds where VP actually got mid-control or did something with it when they had ...
n0thing > rush
the downfall of site anchor spots I'd have to say. his stats are gonna take a dive, and when you play against solid teams, you're more than likely not gonna have a fun time playing against those execu...
Astralis vs mousesports
this is a really weird game to witness.
Luminosity vs SK
SK's manager
sk top1
That hasn't been updated since mid-october... I get the feeling ECS don't bother updating their website that much.. xD But sure, realistically they'll qualify, just correcting Guui that's all. =) *E...
sk top1
EPL yes, ECS no. That's not certain yet.
Astralis vs FaZe
Probably quite a few. American kids that is. Also no, I get you’re exaggerating but it’s not 99%. Because if that was the case it’d not have gotten past the first season. But you seem to be missin...
Astralis vs FaZe
"Then dont broadcast it on TV..." Are you for real? The whole purpose of Eleague was to bring esports to American TV viewers.