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kng situation = swag situation?
Kng wasn't dragged into his situation like swag was. Quite the opposite actually, kng was advised to drop this thing, but his immature small-minded ego said no. How does your delusional brain draw par...
So supporting your biased narrative is to be considered "rational"? Haha. I'm not saying the opposite isn't biased aswell but with these comments you just put your stupidity on display here. That's no...
How? What indicates that? None of his tweets were written in a joking manner, he was dead serious about everything he wrote and clearly upset. And whatever was the cause to react, he is a "public" fig...
Threatens to kill someone "Joke" Just die fking monkey
KNG f*cked up
I'd like to see that scrawny little fuck kng try to kill anyone. Keyboard warriors dishing out meaningless threats
If You listen rap;
If You stereotype people; your iq is not high
FreddieB in Tier 1
Godsent needs to wait until gux gets on a level to unleash his talent
best LoL players in ur country
Why do you post this in a forum dedicated to CS:GO? Go circlejerk in some LoL forums
best LoL players in ur country
1. Who 2. Gives 3. A 4. Fuck 5. ?
Sleeping naked
Quality post mate
Top 3 worst pros from your country?
Quite ironic coming from a fnatic fanboy
i remember a draken flick
NiP will win
You must be a 15 year old kid that started watching CS in 2016 f0rest and GTR have been playing together since 2009. If there was a problem between them, surely they would have left a long time ago. ...
HS Signing
Another silver that has no idea what he is talking about yet still finds the need to voice his uneducated opinion
Never saw GoT
But he made an assumption based on nothing nub