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RIP Lil Peep
Do tell me, why should I have any kind of respect towards someone who made music about glorifying drugs like xanax and shit which ultimately did kill him
RIP Lil Peep
More like popularized ingesting hard, super addictive drugs
PUBG is the most shittily optimized game you fucking nobrain Pick literally any other game in the same hardware category and you have better fps
RUSH 1.50 cm ?
Valens has fucking DD cups
These fucking retards...... wow
Most boring class
Legal theory and methodology for sure
VP will crush G2
VP strong Pick one
NiP vs fnatic
Looks up the definition of bandwagoning on FUCKING URBAN DICTIONARY of all places and uses said definition to try and find a small nuance, which has no way of being proven correct while there's clear ...
NiP vs fnatic
You are that bandwagoning faggot who rode fnatic's dick when they were dominant and now a "fan" of faze on same basis? Just fuck off tard
10 games in a row with cheaters
Shitkids always crying here about getting rekt in mm. I haven't had a game against a blatant spinbotting/bunnyhop script aimbotter in many many months, and I've been global since early 2015. I don't k...
ugliest pros
boltz #1
kng situation = swag situation?
Kng wasn't dragged into his situation like swag was. Quite the opposite actually, kng was advised to drop this thing, but his immature small-minded ego said no. How does your delusional brain draw par...
So supporting your biased narrative is to be considered "rational"? Haha. I'm not saying the opposite isn't biased aswell but with these comments you just put your stupidity on display here. That's no...
How? What indicates that? None of his tweets were written in a joking manner, he was dead serious about everything he wrote and clearly upset. And whatever was the cause to react, he is a "public" fig...
Threatens to kill someone "Joke" Just die fking monkey