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Best CS Lineup All Time?
which is complete bullshit
Best CS Lineup All Time?
yes, FaZe and SK became trash because Astralis shut them down
s0mple toxic again
question to the people that clicked on this thread: do you take someone serious that uses s0mple instead of s1mple? 1kk+ users dont have to reply, I dont care about their opinion anyway
blameF ruined heroic
benching natosaphix was good?
bot kio
I wouldnt aswell if I have no arguments.
Daps Fanboys
stanislaw haters must be the people with the lowest IQ on this site
Daps Fanboys
fucked the team = making the teams win events OK
Kick gratisfaction
if you are happy with barely being a top 10 team then sure, dont change anything but we all know he isnt good enough for tier 1
Oldfags come here
voting for every of the 10 players playing a match instead of only the top 4
m1x vs NiP
Why cases raising
apparently just sell some cases and look who is buying them also many chinese people came too late in the game, back then you were able to get 2 case drops per week, now only one which makes the sup...
Why cases raising
Biggest snake in csgo?
no, has to be one of the five ENCE players - or all of them, which is why kicking aleksib is not a bad idea and should not result in any hate towards them for trying to prevent a huge dropoff in perfo...
Biggest snake in csgo?
A player who played good roles to frag was playing a bit better than a player who played shit roles. Funny that you name the aug nerf, guess which team didnt do anything special after the aug nerf.
Biggest snake in csgo?
...because you know aleksib is a better support than xseveN?