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Envy vs INTZ
Envy vs INTZ
they tried to acquire boltz but his buyout was way too expensive.
Intz igl
kng, horvy was the igl for the 1st couple of days but didnt worked, switched to felps but now it's kng. but from what I heard everyone helps a bit with calling.
nice fakeflag
anime haters come here
Weebs = Pedos, prove me wrong
I'm a Chinese,u can ask anything here
1. How do you view the current China, communism or somewhat between capitalism/communism? 2. What are your thoughts about Mao Zedong? 3. How are the news about the U.S vs China economical warfare?
BKO potata Aim vs Dream Chaser
ez 32-0
Fascism Br fake news
Implying that isnt bad by starting a cold war with China and affecting everyones else economy, also elevating the prices of electrical products that U.S population buys from chinese factories.
Fascism Br fake news
Yeah, The Economist and other newspapers said that Bolsonaro would be a threat to the Brazilian economy.
Vega Squadron vs NiP
vietnam flashbacks monkaS
what event worst
gaming paradise clutchcon pgl krakow faceit london major
North vs Natus Vincere
3. Natus Vincere picked Train
whats depression if you're willing to spend 30 minutes of your life watching a speech about depression by Andrew Solomon
Your birthday
October 13th
176* projects, 2 of them being approved. Neither of them were about security and one of those projects was about a pill that was never proven that works against cancer.