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Khabarovsk Russia - USA 2.0???
respect i luchi podderjki s Urala!
yes, but it doesn't mean Astralis wanted him to leave, right?
can you read? 1. Xyp9x expressed his desire to get some rest due to feeling "burnout/stress symptoms chasing me over many months." 2. g1aive left due to some health problems
HellRaisers vs mens
aslan mashadow rofl
I always hated them
favorite rock band
old Dimmu Borgir is great (Enthrone Darkness Triumphant especially), also I really like their latest record, it's great as well. Anyway, usually I prefer more agressive sounding bm ;)
New Russian Prime-Minister
we're talking about his investigations against russian officials, u dumb. and he's right about that, because there are 100% proves. your "leader" already made russia 3rd world country without future a...
New Russian Prime-Minister
ny saiti novostei, brat, eto saiti novostei. na nashem gorodskom portale (a ya iz rossii) takaya je hyeta tvoritsa i tam real'no trolli, kotorie na zp sidyat. a tyt... ne. tyt prosto dolboebi :D vseg...
New Russian Prime-Minister
vryadli prigojinskiy troll bydet sidet' na hltv :D oni rabotaut po ok, vk, fb, utuby, inste... skorej vsego, on tak, chisto po zhizni dolboeb ;)
Cats or Dogs
my sphynx cat is as friendly as a dog :) they are beautiful creatures
The best guitarist?
dak znau, ya chasten'ko vkluchau porjat' nad ego viserami, nauchilsa 2 kvinti igrat' za 15 let, a CHSV pzdc zapredel'noe :D
The best guitarist?
ahahahaha :DDDD kaluriy petushilnikov :D
Nemiga vs Bring Me The Horizon
their first record wasn't that bad back in the days though
not even straight deathcore, more like deathcore with slamming brutal death elements, but not that bad (not deathcore fan tho)