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Titan vs fnatic
sinner toxic too much?
Envy vs Natus Vincere
navi gets beaten by dignitas, the silvers, and people still think that they have chance against world #1 team? :D
Dignitas vs Natus Vincere
fucking bullshit man... i put all in on the first navi vs dignitas and they choke like shit now they beat them 16-4... this is just a fucking joke..
Natus Vincere vs
no habla engrish?
Natus Vincere vs
its disgusting how navi gets beaten by a tier 99 team, the new "dignitas" and navi can beat vp.. :D and which match do i bet on ? of course the time when shitnitas gets lucky...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
these "max bet" guys who place $240 are those rich kids who bet on every single game, and when they get to win sometimes they are acting like hardcore betters, while at other games when they lose thei...
mousesports vs
yeah... they play 4 times against each other, i bet on 1 match, and that match vp loses... bad luck brian here. if anybody needs betting tips ask me, and bet on the opposite.
the left and right sides of the bet items does not mean which team got the items in csgolounge. i think you mean it
Envy vs NiP
since when did 8 year olds start to flame this forum?
Cplay is worse than Ination, Ination lost to Cplay. wtf? dude you are fucked up
Envy vs NiP
thats just +1 match.. whats disadvantage in going thru +1 match.
Envy vs NiP
"nv almost lost to navi", by this logic, it means if nv almost lost to navi, then nip, who is better than navi should be able to beat nv. so.. your iq is around 0 i think. dont come up with logical sh...
Envy vs NiP
this is only unfair when its not your team getting the +1 map
NiP vs Titan
angry because your brother blew up an airplane and you missed it?
Envy vs Cloud9
funny, for 10 minutes when it was 0-1 to 0-6 people started commenting "damn why didnt i bet on cloud9" now they all disappear when NV starts playing. 10 year olds everywhere