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fps_max 0, 300 or 999?
Lol fucking silver. Each eye can see up to 240Hz, that's why I walk around with eizo panels strapped to my head for the past 6 months. It's working well, yesterday I became Get_Right
fps_max 0, 300 or 999?
Damn this kid is so damn baitable
Liquid tarik
The problem with comparing NA players is that it's like comparing catshit to dogshit....it still tastes like shit.
Roca - The new Shroud Team X have a chance if Roca/Shroud turn up at this event.....if...if....if if if if if if if if if if ...NOPE
Cloud9 vs G2
C9 sticker prices to go up as there will only be a limited supply now xD
Cloud9 vs G2
Analysis of C9 every game - Will Shroud turn up. You woulda thought by now that people would have released the answer is... [BOLD]NOPE[/BOLD]
Massacre on gay nightclub
Damn virgins, you guys would be a lot more relaxed if you finally put your nob in a woman and not just a melon you got from your local supermarket.
Immortals logic
mousesports vs G2
niko who?
i actually want tyloo to win and get to the major
Their CT play is utterly insane. The teamwork coordination is something special.
Astralis vs NRG
I think NRG did great. They seem to play well against the top teams but fail vs the more Pugging style of lesser teams.
Argentina<Falkland Islands<Islamic Republic of Sweden<NA<UK<iraq<vietnam<EU
NRG look pretty good against good teams but vs NA puggers they kinda suck.
-rep boosted girl gamer
"?? im le" "im eagle deranked to dmg" So you are DMG then
Pros Cheating?
Dude, give up. These people will believe any old shit, they are suggestible as fuck without any real basis in logic. Next week in HLTV, Flat Earth or some such shit.