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Shroud top 5 player
skadoodle is the only player on c9 that could even be close to considered as top10 in the world ...... shroud has good aim but hes dumb as a rock, hes only good when seangares tells him what to do
Steel: "skadoodle is better than jw"
yea ....... if anything JW's rifle is poo, he is only good at yolo CZ and catching enemies offguard with crazy shit
EU Talent vs NA Talent
lol NA will get shit on =[ rip
Immunity vs Liquid
holy fuck what a throw
Cloud9 vs Liquid
WC Hockey U-20
too bad germany sucks ass at hockey
WC Hockey U-20
reasons for Hiko departure?
moe haha
People actually think flusha is cheating? Or is it a troll?
its not my job to provide them for you, go search for them, they are everywhere, you ignorant fuck
People actually think flusha is cheating? Or is it a troll?
maybe u should look into how the cheats work and watch the 100 gifs of flusha's blatant cheating and decide for yourself instead of just being a white knighting retard
Fnatic Haters
gotta bet on the hackers obviously
HLTV's fault for fnatic forfeit
LOL stfu noob
flusha #busted
please explain this
flusha #busted
thanks for posting this video, watching it, i see so many times where flusha toggles the aimbot to find out peoples location, he is really good at hiding it, he does it while doing big mouse swings. ...
If i was LDLC...
those are the rules from DH 2013, they aren't in the rules for this tournament