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PRIDE vs Tricked
Get_rekt future Arabp.
Dignitas vs Tricked - This one, just look at the demo. :-)
Dignitas vs Tricked
Did you see the Godsent vs Flipside game? That's the biggest match-fixing example since IBP.
Dignitas vs Tricked
GODSENT vs Gambit
But not 16-0 - 16-0. Im not surprised anymore.
GODSENT vs Gambit
It will, Godsent will now prbly take first place because of the RD. 2 x 16-0 Im wondering how much flusha paid dosia to ff.
GODSENT vs Gambit
How is this even remotely fair for teams who lost points to Gambit?
Tricked unfair advantage
It's faceit tournament where you veto servers and yet you still complain? Stupidity level 9000 indeed, and amazing how polish ppl always think they are allowed to bend the rules...
Tricked vs LDLC Blue
Tricked win... not reason... vs Reason
Thanks for taking Tricked's spot Reason, soooo deserved. I arent think that.
Dobry&Gaming vs volgare
rmL is the biggest bot in competitive cs:go :D
Tricked team insulting Turkish ppl and space soldiers
They're not in Tricked anymore.
LilRobban you are a disgrace
I would not express my opinion publicly before the event is over. I think it's so unprofessionally what all of the managers and players are doing. Most of them have been on this scene for ages, and ...
LilRobban you are a disgrace
Shame to see how ppl react to this decision, i expected the community to be immature about it.. but not the pro players.. It's really pathetic to see all the "pro" players making salty tweets about...