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Denial vs Forty Six and 2
wonder what Forty Six and 2 means
I rate anything
Sucks to hear tbh dude.. i was reading about vigilante groups having to petrol the streets coz of immigrants causing shit.. is that still happening?
I rate anything
rate the new Swedish government
virgin shaming
I agree.. when i lost mine i thought id feel grown up, feel like life pressures would be lifted or just feel generally different.. but i felt no different.. in fact i got abit annoyed because id built...
girl slapped my butt
run to your safe space
Tattoo = Criminal?
i just saw a statistic which said that if youre a person you tend to be more criminal than people without
CANADIANS come here!
All i heard is that he was hard to deal with.. personality wise.. i think he was too out going for people like fer.. i dont think this buinsness with fers girlfriend is true.. i just think fer and fnx...
Eurotards Complaining Again
You mean they beat the team that hasnt won anything because they choke at literally every event
Eurotards Complaining Again
#1 SK [BOLD]NA[/BOLD] #2 NiP [BOLD]EU[/BOLD] #3 [BOLD]EU[/BOLD] #4 dignitas [BOLD]EU[/BOLD] #5 Cloud9 [BOLD]NA[/BOLD] #6 Natus Vincere [BOLD]EU[/BOLD] #7 G2 [BOLD]EU[/BOLD...
Eurotards Complaining Again
most? most means the majority.. lol
Eurotards Complaining Again
Zeus about fnx
seems like a pretty chill dude
OpTic Gaming
by astralis being the choke masters.. this isnt new knowledge
just for the record fnx is one of my fav players.. hope he gets into a good team gl to him