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Does god exist?
if life exists here it most likely exists somewhere else. its too egoistic and arrogant to think we are the only life in the universe. as for habitable planets we have already found planets with simil...
Does god exist?
Our universe started with the big bang, that is the furthest we can see back in time so we don't know what there was before that. This is how everything became to be after that: 1. Big bang 2. partic...
hottest one obv
Bad dream?
quite common actually, most likely it won't happen again or it will be very rare, if it happens quite often (maybe 1-3 times a month or more) see a doc ive heard that alcohol raises the chances so if...
TV shows
My recommendations: The Wire MIndhunter Game of Thrones True Detective Fargo I have personally watched 33 series and they're all on my list here: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls026186366/ Anything wit...
Are you handsome?
sucks for the worst guy
Game of Thrones S8 Trailer
well im gonna be there to watch it immediately if it leaks, i just dont think that it will
I'm drunk ama
what did you drink and how much?
Game of Thrones S8 Trailer
i can bet you my life that they won't leak this time hbo is probably doing everything humanely possible to avoid leaks
Game of Thrones S8 Trailer
40 days my man, 40 days...
I'm a MIBR fan ama
Mibr new name *leaked*
You wept then, right?
ENCE just started
Gambit and C9 won so no :)
diamond coin disappointment
well he is finnish so that automatically makes him a meme
diamond coin disappointment
diamond is supposed to be a challenge and show that you made the right choices, obviously most people have it now if they got the group stage right