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Уважаемые тролли, я пересру вам любую попытку играть общественным мнением.
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NiP vs HellRaisers
HR to win ez unless Maikelele doesn't take the awp.
GODSENT throwing advantages
They're now like Astralis - ofc their salaries depend on their sponsors and the sponsors obviously won't pay much if the team suck, but at least they can't be kicked by their orga cuz they own it. So,...
cuz they now have only 2 tier1 players, everybody else is tier4 at best, that's why they're not even top30. SK are so happy now cuz no contenders left.
300fps vs 65 fps
I'm pretty sure you don't see any difference between 120-130 fps and 300 fps. For my 75 Hz it's enough to have 160 fps to feel everything smooth. The most important thing is that you need to not have ...
swe failure shuffle
The ruder you are - the more childish you look. Ofc being top10 without internal problems is better than being top2 with internal problems, because they play for fun and not for achieving results.
swe failure shuffle
pronax and schneider are not a tier1 material, they can't make a top1 team with whatever 3 players. You need to be able to frag hard against stronger teams to be a tier1 material. Those two can't do i...
Faceit is literally shit
I'm LE/DMG in MM, soloqueued to rank 3 in faceit and then dropped to rank 1 and still losing matches, although getting more than 20 kills in every match xD Faceit needs much more ranks than it has ...
I'm poor so buying all possible shits is not something I'd like to do. Coffee? I love it, but they sell only chemical shit instead of coffee, and I get a headache/faster heart beating everytime I dri...
You want my heart to fucking die? Ty man. And I specified that it's not about games, I meant IRL.
I'ven't drunk any, so I know n0thing about them.