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You are wrong. And you can tell because you began flinging ad hominems rather than providing a logical argument. "Communism is better for the simple people and it was easily proven" By whom? All...
Astralis vs Ghost
I think he has it currently.. After his brother left for eUnited and Zellsis got picked up by his old team, Cloud9. However the problem with Freak, is whether he can maintain that motivation.
"Communism is the same as capitalism just in the opposite direction." Dumb. "Comunism is for the people, capitalism is for the individuals.". Yet capitalism has enabled prosperity to spread ac...
So cute.. And mommy let you stay up this late too? It's like a national holiday in Denmark when Astralis plays. The whole country stays up. LOLOLOL
Aw, I hit a nerve? Poor danish. Astralis, literally the only good thing you have. So I undertand why you are so excited. How cute!!! LOLOL
The one thing Denmark is actually good at. Well 5 Danes. The other 5.999.995 million Danes suck balls. Enjoy your one victory. Liquid is coming.
Astralis vs Ghost
Steel was not happy with Swag's motivation / inconsistent mindset. Hence Swag's exit from Torqued. I agree it would be a nice lineup. But if the chemistry is not there...
Astralis vs Ghost
For fSCK suck Valve, FREE STEEL. He's served penance. An ambassador of the game.
Vitality vs North
ZywOo is so goOd.
Liquid vs Ghost
Simply how is there no stream for this game.
Liquid vs Luminosity
Liquid 2.0
National Emergency
Don't watch the news. It's propaganda / narrative-driven. But go ahead, tell me what they told you to believe. What crime is it that he has committed?
Windigo vs North
NRG, -fugly +poizon
Windigo vs North
Wow v1c7oR throw out in the open final round
Valiance vs mousesports
Oskar, Ropz, and Sunny all Top20 players? I aren't think that.