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ScreaM overrated
do you even watch games? i always have to laugh about people saying that scream has just aim and no brain. do you only say this because some other retards here on hltv said that? or is it because scre...
ScreaM overrated
no you are not retarded for not knowing the existence of this interview, you are retarded for saying that he lacks qualities and that he is overrated
ScreaM overrated
because you are retarded? and are you really this stupid to dont get the joke by the op? but im a nice guy so i explain this obvious joke:
ScreaM overrated
yes and we see retards like you here daily, saying scream is overrated while is playing very good which makes him underrated. gj retard
>noone is mad >has to post in every thread that noone is mad >mad
Shox crosshair settings and resolution please?
dude pls if you have no clue at all its better to be quiet. you could literally see on every lan g2 played that he was/is playing with black bars. also its nothing special that someone is changing res...
resolution thread
and you are playing on a lower res because you will ever visit a lan tournament without byoc? nt irrelevant kid
"Either they lost all their braincells with Peacemaker [...] or they just Throw." those were your reasons. too stupid to understand your own comment?
or they are just not as good as retards like you thought
its valde
Faze solution?
oskar in faze would be indeed pretty sick. and if hellraisers kepp failing im seeing this comming
you know, there are people playing cs because of the game and not because of some skins. also i dont get why always 3rd worlders are bringing this "how much" comment? is it because you are poor as fuc...
lol "raping everyone" xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD pls stop embarrassing yourself my retarded friend.
i dont know why you have to show me again that he is the worst player in faze but ok
"Let's wait for the major and see." portuguese fox fanboys since kinguin was created