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India and Brazil come here
The Iguazú falls on the 3rd pic are in fact Argentinian.
My country is...
Best meat. Best Malbec wine. Good at sports, mainly football. Maradona, Messi, Manu Ginobili, Del Potro, etc. Pope Francisco. Andes mountains, Iguazú Falls, our Patagonia, etc.
[18+] bend it?
+1 this is so real, lol
Sadly Ukranians are jewish puppets, they have a jewish prime minister (Groysman) when Ukraine is a majority Christian county. Who with half a rational brain would go to war with Russia when they have ...
Racist food in your country?
Sadly, yes. We have a sweet pastry, it's a round dough covered with black sugar on top called by old people as "cara sucia", that means dirty face... Like if you are black you are dirty, or a nasty pe...
You may care about this guy https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simón_Radowitzky or about el gordo Valor, biggest Argentinian bank robber, he never killed someone but robbed more than 24 banks, lol. Googl...
I'm sad.
USA = most evil country?
Gorila vende patria, macrista hijo de re mil puta.
USA = most evil country?
You are a fakeflagger, I won't take you serious.
USA = most evil country?
+1 anglosaxons are international terrorists.
true stereotypes
Are scum.
Turkey come here
NATO is run by anglosaxons, UK and USA, the rest of members are their puppets. They cause war, chaos and destroy any country they don't like due to the orders of the first two countries I mentioned. C...
Newest blackhole picture
Nt Walther Darré.
Newest blackhole picture
Nazi dumbfuck.
Newest blackhole picture
Vast majority is white, like 93%.