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Tips to rank up?
rank up=play with higher ranks. Ranks are a fraud. Its MORE about who you play with, then how good u are...
Maikelele netcodes?
clearly no historians here
Train boost
Thank god they updated train. Now update D2. Worst map ever. such a joke its so popular
Ban the flusha kid.
give it up. put down the pitchforks. once he's banned(if) then scream. And stop getting so mad. There's too much money in CS, i dont blame ppl for cheating. Im not gonna sit here on a high horse, and ...
most popular cs has ever been. More people= more hackers. Saying its dead isnt accurate.
csgo isnt dead, Dead means no1 is playing it. Its SO POPULAR RIGHT NOW, and so active, that hackers are everywhere. The games has exploded every since we got skins. saying its "dead" is very inaccurat...
cl_righthand 1 master race ?
cl_righhand 0 i play that way sometimes just cause its different, and takes some getting use to, ad's spice to a match if it not competitive. Theres no advantage/disadvantage though
Rank up
ranks are a joke, and really over rated..P.S. the higher in rank you get, u'll see more hackers
Why does VP have to be so disappointing all the time?
No ibp isnt good enough to be disappointed in them. All NA teams are a joke, i would say vp and dig are the 2 most disappointing teams
Why does VP have to be so disappointing all the time?
shut up already. wheres the ban? dont speak till after they get banned. Then sharpen your pitchforks and have at it.
Twitch Chat: VAChype
pop out window, you got too. Dont even pay attention to twitch chat. It makes the stream way more enjoyable not paying attention
Lets all scream and act like we could do a better JOB!! YA!!!!
wtf is this
its not unfair. It would be unfair if a losers bracket team only had to beat VP once. thats not fair for VP. And thats how cs has worked for a while
Hi i lost all my skins because throwers on csgolounge ;/ someone can give me 1 cheap skin?
Your the reason you lost your skins! Not the players, no one told u to bet. i hate when people blame the teams, for them losing skins. Its your fault for betting, not the players
that was sick. still playing terrible overall.