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Bet365 changed my odds
6.2 Incorrect Price - Prior to the start of an event, In-Play or after the event, where an Obvious Error is identified any bets will stand and be settled at the bet365 revised price. Where a revised p...
I think im in love with a thot
Make a lady out of her? Not all thots remain that way forever, but you'll need to learn to deal with her slutty past.
Anger Management.
Sports mode looks better everyday
Yup, I live on Argentina too and there's barely news about it. We heard a lot more from the shit going on in Ecuador than Chile, definitely there has been some censoring.
worst 1st world country
USA, mainly because it's the 1st world country with more disparity and social issues. But it can also be the best on so many ways.
erotic anime that NOT HENTAI
Ecchi and harem ruined anime, just go fap to hentai.
The simpsons best secondary characters?
Gil Gunderson, Skinner, Dr. Nick
cute vs hot girls
Cute that can be hot at times, it doesn't work that well the other way around. As for cute face vs hot body, I always go for face.
"TenZ Cheating"
Dude, find a hobby asap.
im broken down
Always own your pussies dude, life isn't a romantic movie. There's isn't stronger bond than sex on a young couple.
im broken down
Time, sometimes a lot of time. It could be days, months or years. Love wounds can take forever to heal, it's up to you to find a way to move on. Usually a new girl will get you out of your ass, but kn...
The john
Now I feel the need to name mine, thereby I shall call you (I'm sitting on it rn) "Poopy McBelly" from now on.
Barcelona in flames
Talk about Israel and sovereign territory is kind of a bad joke tbh,.
FURIA vs Cloud9
Furia is playing like an MM team, always dry peaking alone and no teamwork on their CT side.
GOAT XI from your country - football
I actually like Aimar a lot, he doesn't make the cut for a GOAT team but he was a great player nonetheless. Some of players that I would've liked to fit on the team but I couldn't are Kempes, Batistut...