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messi vs ronaldo
Ronaldo just dribbled taxes going to Italy, such a pro.
nitr0 to gen g?
Daps is a better IGL for sure, but on Envy could be interesting. I'm certain there's really few things that Nifty can do better that Nitro, if there's any tbh.
Can't keep still at PC.
Too late m8, I already have my little offspring. Go fuck!!
Can't keep still at PC.
Nofap is as beta as ir gets, alphas fuck. Changing the subject, get a new chair. Even if you're feeling it comfortable, it may not fit so well for extended periods of time.
We need gladiators fights again, it worked for the romans.
Is Astralis killing the Danish CSGO Scene?
Idk, maybe there's some merits on their approach but honestly doubt that Astralis could see the benefits of it on the short/mid-term. We're talking about a year and maybe more of fine tuning everythi...
City lied to CAS
I seriously doubt one of those guys can take a punch without their sissy armor, let's not even think about keeping the pace for over 10 secs. A "football" player has no chance dude, sissies don't beat...
City lied to CAS
As rugby player I have to say that what americans call "football", is just a bunch of sissies with armor.
What would you do
5- Why dumping the gf isn't an option? A lot of times the new girl is an upgrade. It's different with a wife and kids and stuff (I'm at that point in life) but just a gf seems unimportant to me, a lo...
Wtf to do with my life?
As people says, "the ones that can't do it, teach" (or something like that). The point is, why don't you study something related to music? Worst case scenario you become a music teacher, it won't hurt...