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M4 (9% used) AUG (17% used)
The gun has been around from even before COD existed, besides it didn't get a boost and M4 wasn't nerfed neither. I'm glad CS can move on from only playing with 2 rifles, I would even add more and I ...
Family Guy vs The simpsons
Futurama and American Dad! Yeah I know, I drink Pepsi too.
Eunited literally destroyed swole patrol
It seems like no one wanted to be with swag, s0m was just a stand-in for the qualifier so he's a one man team now. It's a really lame move from eUnited tho, just hire most of the guys who won the day ...
Gaming vs Life
Social life is important, but if you're happy gaming at home so be it. It's just that some people love gaming, but they make it their whole life. Then they get socially akward, forget about friends a...
Spartacus > GOT
Spartacus has blood, tits, asses, dongs, flying heads and Xena acting like on 90's kids wetdreams. What else do you need? It's not like the best TV show ever or anything, but if you let it flow beyo...
Why chrisJ to faze makes sense
The only problem for that to happen is NiKo, he made Mouz to bench ChrisJ when he was there. If he's able to put his ego away and is willing to follow and stfu, then maybe FaZe has a chance to get bac...
[+18] R8 Brazilian "girl"
Would bang, no shame. Damn, I just found out she really is a woman. So dissapointed... 2/10
Muslims vs LGBT
People just love to hate, over time the vast majority of us will be tolerant and respectful towards the LGBT community. It's just than society changes a lot slower than the people on it, but if you t...
weebs are destroying us
Weebs are way better and less annoying than weeb haters tbh.
The player who fucked up his talent the most
It's been a while since his glory days on NA, at my eyes he was a Tier 1 player back then. But I wouldn't dare to say the same nowadays and I think almost none would say that about him, he's doing the...
The player who fucked up his talent the most
I'm almost sure he does and I think he's fine with the choice he made, I don't blame him. But there was a real chance for NA there, he could've been more than just a streamer if he had the drive to wi...
grill/girlfriend timing problem
It may be, could be cultural or something, maybe just the kind of guys we are. But tbh I'm on a long relationship, most of my gf's were when I was between 17-25. I always prefered to let it flow and ...
grill/girlfriend timing problem
29, why?
The player who fucked up his talent the most
kNg swag Dazed (I think he had a bright future as IGL on NA) Fyx0 Pyth HObbit Seized HEN1 Koosta Mixwell Shroud There's a lot more and some that may still have something to show like: Shox Twist S...
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