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he wants to ban some admins.
Virtus Pro top1 4Head
Why VP suck Online?
SK's 2016
Dont think about this. Just look at the rank.
rip coldzera
maybe you reacted like EliGE on that shot.
2nd = 1st on hltv
It will be great to see SK vs VP on ELEAGUE finals.
2nd = 1st on hltv
sry for bad english :|
2nd = 1st on hltv
For me its ok! Hope VP dont repeat fnatic performance and lose to some random NA team on semi ;PPP just kidding. I think ELEAGUE of course will keep SK on 1st (after winning). If not, we ar...
2nd = 1st on hltv
keep calm bro I just want to see what you guys think about the rank. You can't just say that i am a delusional sk fan Im brazilian and I support my team even knowing that we have more top contender...
2nd = 1st on hltv
nice argue.
2nd = 1st on hltv
Also you guys only talk about SK SK SK SK SK SK SK...you just forget to put your arguments to support who you really think should be 1st on rank. Just give me the name of the team who you think tha...
2nd = 1st on hltv
VP strong contender losing to dignitas on bo3 final NiP outside of groupstage EPICENTER and losing to SK in Sao Paulo... man after cologne SK just reached semi-finals in every single tourname...
2nd = 1st on hltv
its not an argument i'm just asking YOUR arguments to put another team on 1st place instead of SK. cmon with your arguments!! :DD
2nd = 1st on hltv
rank for you means "who on the last tournament?" if so, your rank must be 1.NiP 2.dignitas ... .... .....
2nd = 1st on hltv
there is no clear first place? who can be 1st place instead of SK? VP? NiP? The problem is that you guys make your own rank base on "who won the last tournament"